Applied Rate and Defining a Special Rate

CurrencyXchangerEE has five different Rate Types for each currency that apply automatically according to defined settings in Commission Rules Module depending on the Customer Type and the Amount of currency they are exchanging. There are five different rate types that can apply: Standard, Preferred, FVP+, Interbranch, and Special.

Defining a new Special Rate through Applied Rates

Special Rate is a type of rate can be defined on a branch level for each currency, so we don't have to use centrally managed Special Rate.  If you want to be able to select and apply this rate to regular customer types from the invoice module, you may want to adjust this rate is within 10% threshold of your other rates, like Preferred Rate. New special rate can be defined by going to Rates and Fees / Applied Rates

  • when you selected Applied Rates hit '+' in the bottom menu and select the Branch
  • enter rate type (Special), buy and sell values and hit Add and Finish. Or you could duplicate an existing entry and change it.

Defining a new Rate Type

You can define an entirely specific Rate Type just for your Branch (for example your returning customers) by selecting Rate Types submodule and clicking '+'

  • Give your Rate Type a name and hit Enter
  • you can now start adding Rates from Applied Rates submodule where you'll now have your newly defined rate type available to select from the dropdown
  • same as for previously explained standard rate continue with defining buy and sell values and saving your settings.
  • Repeat the steps for other currencies you wish

You can now see that when starting a New Invoice for the specified rate we can now choose new Rate Type