In this article we'll explain how to sell Services. You will be able to add a Service to any invoice, whether you are already selling, buying certain currency within the same invoice, selling product or all mentioned.

Open a new invoice

  • Click on 'Service' button to enter sale of services mode or or Ctrl+Shift+d
  • There is a small number of services we are offering so it will be fairly easy to select the service your client wishes to purchase from the dropdown menu.
  • Once you have selected the service,  can click 'Validate Line' like for every other transaction (Ctrl + '+')
  • You can add as many rows in any invoice by selecting Product/Service/Buy/Sell and combine these different types of transactions in the same invoice. Validate every line you wish to add (Ctrl + '+')
  • You are also able to change the gross price, but only within a certain threshold
  • Once you are finished you will see the total amount the client is due to pay in the bottom right corner, next to Grand Total.
  • If you have entered everything correctly click on 'Validate' (Ctrl+b) at the bottom of the invoice to validate the entire transaction and move onto the Payment.
  • Select the payment method.
  • Make sure that at this point you charge customer for all services you are selling and issue any change you may owe to the customer in local currency.
  • Click print (Ctrl+p) at the bottom of the Payment to print the receipt and close the order.