Purchase Order

CurrencyXchangerEE allows you to make transactions between other branches to keep your stock in balance. In this article we will cover how you can order certain amount of currency and products for your branch.

Open Explorer and select Orders

You Will notice that Orders Module contains five submodules:

  1. Purchase Order, which allows you to Order currencies or products from other branch in order to improve your branch's stock
  2. Delivery Order, which allows you to Send overstocked currencies or products from your branch to other branches
  3. Corrections, for counting and adjusting inventory
  4. Deposit
  5. Supplier Order, for recording supplier orders

Select Purchase Order

  • Click Purchase Order and look up for '+' button in the bottom menu and click to place new order
  • Under My Branch, your Branch Name is auto selected
  • Under Trading With select the branch you wish to order from
  • Hit Enter

You have now opened a new purchase order so you can start filling in the details of your order

  • Click "+" and enter the currency you wish to order
  • Enter quantity (number of bills) for each denomination
  • or select No denomination and enter total amount and select Travel Mix (mixed bills) or Big Denominations
  • This way you will get mixed denominations and the only thing you need to input is the total amount of the currency you wish to order, and the mixed denomination assortment that corresponds to the amount will be delivered
  • Hit Save
  • Repeat the steps until you list all the currencies and denominations you wish to order

Adding Products to your order

To add products to your order simply click on Product Button

  • Start by choosing Product Group
  • Select Product
  • Enter the Quantity
  • And click Save
  • To finish placing your Purchase Order click on 'Save' then 'Finish'
  • Your order is now assigned Order Number, with state 'Open' and it's pending processing. The further processing is now happening at the branch we ordered to and they will change the order State accordingly until it reaches our destination. In our example this is happening at the CMC (Zürich HB)