Deposit module is used to record large cash movements between Company accounts. It is a form of reserving cash deposits for safekeeping purposes for Companies' future special events (like fairs). Deposit is goods in stock, that still belong to the supplier (consignation stock), and because they don't belong to us in any way, Deposit entries will not show up in any accounts. It is basically a form of 'reservation' of large Deposit and allows us to prepare the stock in time for special events or similar purposes.

  • Select Deposit submodule and hit '+' button in the bottom menu
  • Fill out the Name of this Deposit (it can be describe the purpose it serves) and select Company from the dropdown and hit Enter
  • fill in the event Title,  amount of movement (in local currency) and click Add Movement
  • in the Comments you can specify any details like denominations, future date etc.
  • Hit Save and Finish to add the newly created Deposit

Example of when it's used

  • Bank will Deposit large amounts of money at SBB for safekeeping (not reflected in accounting)
  • If SBB buys from this bank, they are authorized to take the money out of the Deposit 
  • SBB will change the deposit entry, then create a supplier order which now reflects in our internal accounting
  • As you can see, the logistics is much faster this way as it enables very fast large transactions between SBB and suppliers