In Journal module Sub-Module Invoice allows you to quickly check the status of all created invoices, search, sort and browse them by Status, Date or Customer Type.

In Explorer select Journal module from the dropdown and click on Invoice

  1. You will see that invoice icon has a small red counter that shows total number of invoices
  2. In the Search bar you can type amount and list all transactions that match that amount, User Name, to list all invoices created by specific user, Customer Name etc.
  3. You can also use one or more of the preset filters combined to make custom search depending on the Date, State, and Customer Type, by default these are set to Today's Invoices, and no filter for Customer Type or State. Invoice State shows us if the transaction has been Done, Created, Cancelled, Aborted, or if it's a pending Reservation, and the filters allow us to quickly find the transaction we are looking for.
  4. Invoice status is also displayed so you can easily spot the status of most recent ones
  5. The Options button at the bottom allows you to print or cancel an invoice you have selected

Cancelling Invoice

We have already explained how to use Journal for completing and cancelling Reservations. But what if you need to cancel a closed invoice with done status?

  • Search for the invoice you need to cancel
  • Hit Options and Rescind Invoice
  • The Payment will automatically open
  • Just select the payment method, and issue back or receive back the currency depending on whether this was Buy or Sell transaction and hit Print
  • If you look at the Journal/Invoice, you will see that the status of this invoice has now changed to Manual Cancel.