Creating Custom Reports

With Reporting Wizard you can quickly generate custom reports in CurrencyChanger EE. Periodical reports such as Daily, Monthly and Interim are easily checked, but you can also select custom date range. You can check the status of inventory, turnover, cancellations etc. Let's see how.

  • In your Toolbar click Reporting
  • Pick the Time period or specify the date range of your report
  • Select the type of the report you want to generate: you may select more than one variable
  • Choose the Enterprise from dropdown (SBB, AAGS etc.) and pick the Region and the Market Area. If you want to generate a report for all branches under the Market Area select All Branches
  • If you wish to generate the report for a specific branch in Market area select the other available option if available. For some market areas that only have one branch this will not be selectable and that location will be auto selected. If there is more than one branch in a selected market area, as mentioned choose just a market name and under Branch select a specific branch from the dropdown.
  • Once you have selected the Time Range, Type of Report and the Branch or region, hit Enter and PDF report will be generated.