Introduction to Invoice Module and Currency Exchange

In this chapter we'll explain how to use Invoice Module in CurrencyXchangerEE. You will learn how to create new invoice, do currency exchange cash-to-cash transactions or Debit Card-to-Cash transaction in CurrencyXchangerEE.

Starting with Invoice Module, Buying and Selling Currencies

Let's start by opening Invoice Module by clicking on 'Invoice' in your Module Panel.

Open Invoice Module

The Invoice Window will isntantly open from which you can choose to:

  1. Buy or Sell Currencies
  2. Select products to sell
  3. Select Services to sell

These main functions are located at the top of the Invoice Module in the form of Buttons

You will notice several main sections of the Invoice that can ve devided into:

  1. Currency Exchange section
  2. Rate Section
  3. Customer section
  4. Receipt details
  5. Notes, Reviews and Validation