In this article we'll explain how you can make a Reservation in CurrencyXchangerEE. You will be able create a  reservation for Buying, Selling certain currency, or both - within the same invoice. You can also make reservations for products that are currently out of stock for example. Customer will be able to make a a partial payment at the time of making a reservation, or pay the full amount at a specified date and time. Let's see how.

Open a new invoice

  • Click Buy or Sell depending on whether the Customer wishes to buy or sell certain currency in the future, or select Products if customer wishes to reserve a product.
  • Keep adding lines and validating them just like when doing any other transaction.
  • Once you have added all the lines you now have to move onto selecting a Customer. You have to know who you are going to be reserving the amounts for. Select a customer from a dropdown, or create a New Customer.
  • You will notice as in the screenshot below that the customer icon is orange, which means you need to complete customer profile
  • when you enter a customer's name, AML (Anti Money Laundering) compliance check up is running in the background and it will prompt a message if the client is listed on any sanctions list.
  • To learn about how to proceed if a customer's name is a sanction's list hit, please read designated chapter in AML Rules.
  • If the AML check doesn't come up with a result,  just continue filling out customer details as usual
  • Mandatory fields will be highlighted in red
  • Full Name, Address, and at least 2 Communication means (ex. email and phone) under Details are required
  • Once you have filled out all required fields and done your due diligence hit Save and Finish at the bottom of the screen, if you don't save the changes and close this window you will need to do it all over again
  • If everything is filled out the customer icon will be green now
  • click on 'Validate' (Ctrl+b) at the bottom of the invoice to validate the entire transaction and move onto the Payment
  • Customer can be presented with two options now: to make a partial payment now or to make a full payment for the reserved currency at the future time

Partial or Full Payment on spot

  • Upload customer signature first, enter the partial amount Customer is paying on spot and choose the payment method, or just hit method if they are paying full amount
  • Because the full amount is automatically entered if you click payment method first, you don't need to enter it and you can always Reverse and change amount if customer is making only partial payment.
  • If the customer wants to pay with Credit Card make sure to inform them that they will not be able to use the Credit Card to pay off the remaining amount once they come back. Same invoice can be payed with Credit Card only once and they would need to use cash or debit card to fulfill the payment on the future date.
  • You will now see the amount remained to be payed and you can click Reservation
  • Select the date and the pickup location. The customer can pick up reserved order at another branch so location can be selected from dropdown. If they made a full payment, they can choose to have their order delivered to their Home, provided it is a Swiss Address. We chose pickup in our example as our client is making a partial payment, but you see in the screenshot below that you can manually enter delivery address if selected Home delivery.
  • Click Validate and the reservation has been made.
  • You'll be getting two printouts - one for your branch and one for client for placing this reservation and the software will automatically bring you back to new invoice.

Full Payment at a future time

  • The process is the same as described above, only when you got to the payment window, you will not be selecting Payment Method or Amount, but go right down to Reservation Button
  • Click Validate and the reservation will be made.
  • Again, you'll be getting two printouts - one for your branch and one for client for placing this reservation and the software will automatically bring you back to new invoice.

Completing a Reservation

When your client comes back on a previously specified date and they are ready to make a pick up you first need to find their reservation. Note that this needs to be done at the specified pickup location which is sometimes another branch from the one we reserved at. So at the destination branch to check for any reserved invoices  first go to Explorer and from there open Journal module

  • in Journal module you'll be see Invoice and Invoice Audit Sub-Modules 
  • Open Invoice Sub-Module and you'll be able to see all the invoices listed
  • Find and select the reservation by using State filter and checking Reservations only
  • select Options (gear icon) at the Bottom choose Reservation Process
  • This will open a reservation in an Invoice module and you'll be able to complete the Payment process as usual. 
  • If you wish to make any Rate alterations at this point you may do so within a 10% threshold, click the position, change the rate above and Validate Line (Ctrl + '+') again
  • Click on 'Validate' (Ctrl+b) at the bottom of the invoice to validate the entire order and move onto the Payment completing the transaction in a usual way.

Canceling Reservation

If for any reason you need to cancel not payed, partially payed or fully payed reservation, the process is almost the same as cancelling or reversing any transaction. The only difference is that you first need to find the reservation that needs to be cancelled in Journal Module, and select Reservation Process to open it in Invoice Wizard and go Payment. 

  • If the customer haven't made any payment yet, simply hit Cancel button and the reservation status will be changed.
  • If the Customer made partial or full payment, you will need to first Reverse the Payment , hit Back to go to the main Invoice window and Cancel the Invoice.