Rates and Fees Submodules

Tellers are able to access and to a certain degree edit certain settings within Rates and Fees Module. In this chapter we will explain what settings you can access as a Teller, and how to view the fee and rate structure for each currency.

Open Explorer and select Rates and Fees Module

The first thing you'll notice is the seven submodules listed:

  • Rate Type
  • Template Rate
  • Applied Rate
  • Denomination
  • Commissioning
  • Currencies
  • Currencies Groups

Each submodule icon has a number assigned to the top right corner that presents the total count of items listed within that submodule. So from here you can view all the rates, rate types and fees that apply to each currency you are trading with.

Notice that right under Rates and Fees Module name you also have a display of currently active Filter. Geo-filtering will help you quickly find the details you are looking for about currencies from certain region. By default all continents are selected but if you click on the filter you can select single Continent or include/exclude some of them from your search.


While Tellers are only allowed to view Template Rates, Denominations a.k.a. banknotes for all currencies, Commissioning structure, Currencies and Currency Groups - they are not able to affect any of the settings defined in the mentioned submodules. 

But there are a few things you can define, for example to add new Applied Rate for your branch such as Special rate for a certain currency.