In this article we'll explain how to sell Products. You will be able to add Products to any invoice, whether you are already selling, buying certain currency within the same invoice, or both. Here's how.

Open a new invoice

  • Click on 'Products' button to enter sale of products mode or Ctrl+Shift+d
  • Below next to 'Code' label you can look up the product Customer wants to buy from you by code. 
  • Or - much quicker way is to move one field down, Ctrl+n to open dropdown menu. Scroll down to find the product the Customer wishes to purchase or start typing the name for quicker selection
  • You will notice that when selling Products and Services the type of customer selected doesn't affect the total price. Fees are not charged, but you will see that the VAT field appears and that it's automatically calculated.
  • Once you have entered the information above, you can click 'Validate Line' (Ctrl + '+')
  • A new row has been added to the invoice. You may create another product by repeating the previous steps, or add Buy/ Sell Currency or Service.
  • You can change the gross price, but only within a certain threshold
  • Once you added all lines you will see the total amount the client is due to pay in the bottom right corner, next to Grand Total.
  • If you have entered everything correctly click on 'Validate' (Ctrl+b) at the bottom of the invoice to validate the entire transaction and move onto the Payment.
  • Choose the payment method and make sure that at this point you charge customer for all services you are selling and issue any change you may owe to the customer in local currency. If you are selling foreign currency at this point you should also issue all foreign banknotes, or if bought any currencies within the same transaction - accept foreign banknotes.
  • Click print (Ctrl+p) at the bottom of the Payment to print the receipt and close the order.