Adding New Customer

In this article we'll explain how you can add new Customer to CurrencyXchangerEE. There are two ways to do this from the Customers Module and from New Invoice Module. Let's see how.

Adding Customer from 'Customers' Module

  • Open Explorer and from the dropdown select Customers Module
  • Click on 'Customers' from the menu
  • At the bottom locate and click green "+"
  • To create a new customer start typing in their Name and Last Name in the presented fields and hit Enter
  • Sanctionlist check will be done when you go to next field
  • Fill in the new customer's information to the best of your knowledge.
  • Note that some of the fields must be filled in order to add a new customer while others are not mandatory. This depends on the general centrally managed settings and regulations.
  • It is always best to complete as much information as possible for better customer service and tracking purposes.
  • Notice that you will have several more tabs next to Details like Documents and Risk
  • Aside from general details, you may also fill in the customer type and add them to any group they belong to (Banks, Companies you have special contracts with like Suppliers etc.)
  • All customers making large transactions arerequired to present at least one Document information, such as ID, Passport, Card etc.
  • To add a new Document select Document Type from dropdown and choose the Type
  • Select New Document if you are entering details manually or Upload Document if you have already scaned customer's Passport or ID

To add a scanned copy of the new customer's document

  • Click on '+' and select 'Upload Document', find your scanned document, click 'Open' then 'Save'.
  • When you finished entering all information, click 'Add' in the bottom menu to save the new customer.

Adding a Customer from New Invoice Module

  • Open new Invoice and in the Customer section type in their name and select 'New Customer'
  • Like in Customers Module fill in Customers Name and Last Name and click 'Add'
  • Sre, you'l be taken to the Details tab, and because you will  want to quickly fill in all the necessary information as fast as possible in order to clear the customer for the transaction - mandatory fields will be highlighted in red
  • Once you are done entering all datl, cick Save and then Finish in the bottom menu, you will get back to the Invoice so you could proceed with the transaction