Supplier Order

Supplier Module is used to record transactions with Suppliers (Usually Banks). These are Transactions that have already been confirmed and you will receive all information required to enter by telephone or in writing directly from your Supplier. All Accounting for these transactions will automatically happen in the background as you Save them. And here's how to do that.

  • Select Supplier Order submodule and hit '+' button in the bottom menu
  • Choose between Purchase or Delivery Order and hit Enter
  • select Supplier from the dropdown
  • enter External Number (this will be provided by supplier)
  • select Account (currency you are buying or delivering, in our example it's a Purchase Order)
  • under Qty enter the amount of currency you are Purchasing (Delivering)
  • under Amount enter local currency amount (in this case what the Supplier is charging) and hit Add Line
  • The Rate has been automatically calculated
  • You can add as many lines the same way
  • once you are done click Save and Finish and the new Supplier Order will be added to your records