Corrections Module is used for checking, maintaining, and balancing Inventory levels. It's really simple to use as all accounting and balancing of accounts is happening in the background. Let's see how.

  • Select Corrections submodule and hit '+' button in the bottom menu
  • Under Branch make sure your branch is selected
  • a small window will pop up and prompt you to count the entire inventory for selected currency at your Branch. Make sure to enter the sum of all Tills for selected currency at this branch, and not just your own till. Remember, this module works at Branch level!
  • You will see the calculated difference and will be prompted to choose between Shipment or Inventory Gain/Loss as a Reason, and enter a Comment
  • Hit OK (Enter) and then click Add in the bottom menu
  • The account balancing will be automatically happen in the background and the difference will be added or subtracted from Profit/Loss Accounts
  • Once entered this Correction cannot be Cancelled or removed and you'd only be able to add another Comment
  • To do this select created Correction and hit Edit in the bottom menu
  • In the top left corner under Comment enter your new notes
  • Hit Save and Finish in the bottom menu to apply changes