In this article we'll explain how to Sell one or more foreign currencies from a customer. You will be able to sell the specified amount of foreign currency  or it's equivalent in the local currency (CHF). Let's see how.

Open a new invoice

  • Click 'Sell' to enter Sell Mode or Ctrl+Shift+s
  • Below next to 'Currency' label there's a dropbox where you can select currency  the Customer wants to buy from you. Find and select that currency (shortcut Ctrl+n)
  • You'll automatically jump to 'CHF Amount' where you can enter total amount of local currency if the Customer wants to buy equivalent in foreign currency. Simply enter requested amount (ex. 1000 CHF) or and press enter. The fees will be included.
  • Of course, you can always click back to the 'Amount' and enter how much of foreign currency the client would like to buy from you.
  • You'll also notice that one you press Enter, the amount will be rounded up in accordance to the notes of foreign currency you are able to issue.
  • The rate and total amount are automatically calculated using Standard Rate. All rates in CurrencyXchangerEE are being centrally managed.
  • If you wish give your customer a better rate, as we mentioned before you can do that by manually typing in the rate you wish to grant for this transaction or simply click in the rate list to apply one of your defined rates.

*Note you'll only be able to change rate within 10% threshold of the Centrally Managed Standard Rate. The threshold rule is configurable, however Tellers may only be able to change the rate within the threshold set by Admin (even if set to more or less than 10%) and type in the reason for changing the rate. You’ll only be able to change the manually entered or otherwise selected rate deviates within a certain centrally defined threshold.

  • Alternatively, by choosing the appropriate 'Customer' type the rate and the fee structure will change automatically (FVP and GA customers do not pay fees, FVP are granted preferred rate)
  • If your client already has an account, start typing your customer's name in the 'Customer' box. As soon as you start typing dropbox will roll down and you will be able to select the customer from there. You can always leave it blank if it is a walk-in customer without an account or add a new Customer.
  • Once you have entered the information above, you can click 'Validate Line' (Ctrl + '+') and review the calculated amount.
  • A new row has been added into the invoice. You can create as many rows in the same invoice by repeating the previous steps.
  • Once you are finished, you will see the amount you owe or the amount you are owed appear on the bottom right hand of the window next to Grand Total

Special Note: While creating a new invoice you may encounter certain popup Warnings. In CurrencyXchanger we have built in AML (anti money laundering) rules, that apply to all BUY and SELL transactions if a grand total or a single position (validated row) matches defined criteria of any centrally managed AML rule. These matches will prompt Warnings during the transaction and we will cover both rules and Compliance Warnings you may be prompted to check while making a transaction in a designated chapter called AML Rules.

  • If you have entered everything correctly click on 'Validate' (Ctrl+b) at the bottom of the invoice to validate the entire order and move onto the 'Payment'
  • In Sell transactions we are issuing foreign currency and accept payment in local currency so we can accept Cash, Credit Card or Debit Card as forms of payment. 
  • If the customer wants to pay with Credit Card make sure to inform them that one invoice can be payed with Credit Card only once, meaning that they wouldn't be able to make a partial payment with one card and use a second card to pay the remaining amount for example, they would need to use cash or debit card to fulfill the rest of the payment. This is particularly important in reservations process which we will explain further in a designated section of that chapter.
  • For Credit Card payments click EFT Pos Sell (Ctrl+2) and follow the instructions on the terminal. If there is an error click the box in the middle, when you have accepted payment Print (Ctrl+p) the Invoice.

If you choose Cash (Ctrl+1) as payment method:

  • Make sure that at this point you charge for all the currency you are selling and issue any change you may owe to the customer in local currency.
  • Click print (Ctrl+p) at the bottom of the Payment. This will not only initiate receipt printing but also close the order and take you back to the New Invoice.