Booking a Currency for a Customer

How to create a booking or a quote for a customer based on a specific currency the customer wishes to book a rate for.

Open Booking Module

  • Open Booking Module by double clicking on 'booking' in your tool bar.
Open Booking Module
  • To create a new booking click on 'New' in the tool bar.

Fill in information accordingly

  • Enter the date your customer is booking till in the 'Value Date' field.
    Note the Value Date can be left blank if you want the booking date to be the same as the transaction date.
  • We normally do not want to create bookings for walk in or new customers. Enter your customer's name then hit <tab> or <Enter>.
Fill in information accordingly
  • Select the customer and click 'Pick Customer'.
    'Review Customer Profile' and Update if necessary.
  • If the customer wants to buy, check off the 'We Sell' box.
  • Enter the amount he would like to buy in the 'Amount' field.
  • Enter the currency he wants to purchase in the 'Currency' field.
  • The 'Exchange Rate' and 'Inverse Rate'  will automatically pull up and populate from the current rates.
  • Enter the way in which the customer would like to pay in the 'Payment Method' field.  
  • By clicking on the 'Payment Method' field, you will be directed to a 'Payable Type' list.
  • Select the payment method the customer would like to buy in.
  • Then click 'OK'.
  • You may edit the 'Exchange Rate' if you would like to give your longtime customer a special rate by changing the rate in the 'Exchange Rate' field.
  • The amount the customer will owe before flat fees are added will appear in the 'Before fees' field and will appear in your local currency.
  • Enter a flat fee you will charge for all of your bookings in the 'Flat Fee' field.
  • When you hit <tab> the total amount your customer owes including fees will appear under 'Local Amount'.
  • You may add remarks in the 'Our Remarks' box ie; valid for one day only
  • Enter the method your customer used to make this booking in the 'Booking Method' field ie; by phone.
  • Check off the 'Check To Confirm' box if the customer confirms that they will be indeed purchasing this booking;
    if the Customer is just looking for a quote and is not yet committed to buying, do NOT check off this box (the customer's booking will save in the system nonetheless).
  • Then click 'Save Booking'.
  • Your booking will appear as saved in the 'Bookings' tool bar.

Complete Booking Transaction


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