Debit Card Transactions

How to receive a debt card from a customer.

Receive into Debt Account

  • Type 'Received' in the 'Buy/Sell' field.
  • Then select 'Account' from the drop down menu in the 'Payment' field.
  • Then select 'Debt' from the drop down menu adjacent.
  • Input the amount in the 'Amount' field in the home currency received from the client.
  • Hit <*> on your keyboard.
Receive into Debt Account
  • Another window will appear, you may add a 'Reference #' and/or a memo regarding the transaction in the 'Memo' field.
  • If you do not wish to add any additional notes click on 'Save' and proceed.

To Pay in Foreign Currency

To pay the equivalent in a foreign currency (in this example in USD) follow the subsequent steps:

  • Type 'Paid' next to 'Buy/Sell' or click on the 'Sell' button..
  • Move the coloured dot on the left of 'Local amount due' to the dot next to 'Amount' on the top.
  • Select the foreign currency you wish to pay in in the currency drop down menu next to 'Amount'.
  • In the 'Amount due' section, type in the amount received via debt and the chosen foreign currency (USD) equivalent will be calculated at today's rate for you.
  • Hit <*> on your keyboard.
To Pay in Foreign Currency
  • Once saved, the invoice will be balanced without any change due.
  • Save the invoice.


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