Know Your Work Space

Once CurrencyXchanger has been opened this will be the main screen. Familiarize yourself with the menu bar, modules, toolbar and the current user section.

The Module Panel

The module panel will allow you to open various modules by double clicking on them.
The more frequently used modules will be included on your home screen panel and will be covered in following chapters.
You may access additional modules by clicking on the pull-down menu at the bottom of the module panel.

The Toolbar

The toolbar appears across the top of each module panel and carries a similar function in most modules.

The Toolbar

For instance in the 'Currency' module the toolbar can be used for the following:

  • 'New' (shortcut: Ctrl+N) on the toolbar will create a new currency.
  • 'Edit' (shortcut: Ctrl+E) will allow you to edit that currency. You must first select the currency you would like to edit before clicking on 'Edit', then make changes and save them.
  • 'Delete' will allow you to remove certain currencies. You must first select the currencies you would like removed then 'Delete'.
  • 'Find' (shortcut: Ctrl+F) will allow you to search a particular currency. You may search within your current selection or perform a deep search inside all fields.
  • 'All' (shortcut: Shift+Ctrl+A) will bring through all the currencies you have in your module.
  • 'Filter' allows you to filter out the currencies you wish to view. You may select adjacent rows by holding the 'Shift' key or select non-adjacent rows by holding the 'Ctrl' key. Once selected click 'Filter' (shortcut: Ctrl+G).
  • 'Save' will allow you to save the Filter you have created. This is useful when you are working with certain currencies throughout the day and would like to return to them for easy viewing.
  • After saving your filter you may return to 'All' currencies by hitting the 'All' button in your toolbar.
  • You may then return to the currencies you filtered by pressing 'Load' on your toolbar.
    [Note, you may save filters several times, but each time you select and save a new filter, the new saved filter will replace your old filter selection].
  • 'Sort' will allow you to sort your currencies by particular categories, for example, sorting by currency code.
  • 'Print' will allow you to print directly from the screen you are in.
  • 'Html' will allow you to export to html format.


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