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Selling Foreign Currency Equivalent to a Specific Local Amount

How to sell or calculate the foreign equivalent of a specific local amount.

Open a new invoice

  • Be sure you are in SELL mode.
  • Start by inputting the type of foreign currency your customer would like to purchase in the drop down menu next to the 'Amount' field.
Open a new invoice
  • Enter the amount of local currency your customer has in the 'Due before fees' field then hit <TAB> on your keyboard.
  • You will see the equivalent amount calculated in the selected foreign currency in the 'Amount' field above.


  • Note that you might not carry the exact change in the foreign currency for your customer to purchase.
  • In that case, you may round up or round down by changing the number in the 'Amount' field depending on the notes you have available.
  • Hit <TAB> on your keyboard to calculate the change.
  • Now you will see the change applied and the new 'Local amount due'.
  • Click 'Add Row' or hit <*>.
  • Collect the amount due and pay out any change to the customer.
  • 'Save' your invoice and 'Close'.


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