Debit Card Accounts

If you're using a debt card machine you must also add an account for it.

Create a New Debit Card Account

  • Double click on the 'Sub-Ledger' module from your tool bar. Then click 'New' to create a Debit Card account.
    Note you may also edit or delete accounts within this window.
  • To view accounts used within a certain day, modify the date section.
Create a New Debit Card Account

Be sure to complete all necessary fields of the 'Subledger Accounts Entry' form

  • Type debt next to 'Account Name'.
  • Since a debit account would be considered a liability, you must type 'Payables' next to 'General Ledger Account'.
    As you begin typing in the box, you will be directed to a pop up window. Here, you must select
    'Payabes' from the menu then click 'Pick' or hit <Enter> on your keyboard.
  • Under the section 'Description' you may add additional information to differentiate this debt account from others you may have.
    This section may also be left empty.
  • Be sure to check off 'Cash Account'.
  • Be sure to also check off 'Display this account in the pull down menu in invoice' so that you are able to use this account within invoices.
  • You may add additional details in the 'Advanced' tab. If you wish to do so, see next step for additional information on 'Advanced Settings' before saving.
  • Then hit 'Save'.
Be sure to complete all necessary fields of the 'Subledger Accounts Entry' form

Advanced Settings

  • The 'Advanced' tab is for details which are not necessary to complete when opening a debit account.  
  • If you only want to limit specific users from using Debt in their transactions you may decide that here by checking the box next to 'Hide this account from normal users (Restricted to Managers)'.
Advanced Settings


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