Adding a Company

How to add a new corporate customer, such as a Bank, an MSB (Money Service Business), or any other company that you deal with on a regular basis. These companies could be suppliers (wholesalers of currency) or buyers.

Open Customers Module

  • Open Customers Module by double clicking on 'Customers' in your tool bar.
Open Customers Module
  • To add a new company click on 'New' in the tool bar.
  • Check off the 'Corporate Customer (Company)' box in the 'Company' field.
  • This will reveal two new boxes which you may check off for compliance and searching purposes.
    This will automatically cross reference all entities you have entered against a sanctions list.
  • Continue to fill in the remaining fields.
  • You may also optionally add a contact and include their occupation and personal information.
  • While filling in fields such as the City or Citizenship, you may be prompted to a pop up window.
    Simply select the city or country of citizenship from the window or type it in the field if you do not see it listed then click 'Pick'.
  • You can add additional company information by clicking on the 'Company Profile' tab.
  • Once you are finished entering the information click 'Save'.


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