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Purchase Transactions (Buying Foreign Currency)

Open a new invoice

  • Be sure you are in BUY mode.
  • To buy a currency you start with inputting how much the client has given you and in what currency in the 'Amount' field.
  • If there are any fees you wish to charge for this transaction, you may manually add or adjust them in this section under 'Rate' or 'Foreign Rate' or 'Our fees in %' or 'Our fees in CAD [home currency]'.
  • If you wish to alter the rates, you may do so by moving the dot on the left.
    You may alter all parts except where the dot has been placed, ie; if you wish to change the fee by percentage or by CAD amount, you may move the dot to
    'Foreign Rate' and according to the percentage or CAD amount you enter, the 'Foreign Rate' will alter.  
  • If you wish to change the fee by rate or foreign rate amount, you may move the dot to 'Our Fees in %' or 'Our fees in CAD [home currency]' and according to the rate you enter, the fee percentage or amount will alter.
  • Once you are done making changes click on 'Add Row' or hit <*> to save.
Open a new invoice
  • If there are no further transactions to be done click on 'Add Row' again or hit <*> again to save.  
  • This will complete your transaction and inform you how much you must pay the client.
  • Once you have paid the client hit 'Add Row' or hit <*> again then 'Save'.


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