How to restart 4D Server?

CurrencyXchanger by Clear View Systems Ltd. (The software that runs the Foreign Exchange operation) runs on a database server called 4D Server. 4D Server must be running at all times to ensure the front desk clerks can use the system.

• 4D Server is a Database Server

• 4D Server is running on the Server Computer (back room)

• 4D Server must be running at all times

• All data is kept on the server (or on a location specified in the Backup Preference of 4D Server)

• All backups are done on the server

• If the Server is not running the 4D Cients cannot run

• Unless you really have to, do not quit 4D Server. Before quiting 4D Server warn users to save their data and exit the 4D Client

• If 4D Server is not running, 4D Client will send an error -10002 (Database cannot be used)

Open 4D Server

Open 4D Server

Double click 4D Server.exe shortcut.

A shortcut to 4D Server is usually placed on the desktop during the initial installations.

If you cannot find it on the desktop, look for the original file inside the C:\Program Files\4D_Programs\4D Server

Open CurrencyXchanger

Open CurrencyXchanger

Once you open 4D Server, you should be presented with a dialog box similar to above.

Click the Open Interpreted button (2) or just double click CurrencyXchanger (1).

4D Server Monitor Window

4D Server Monitor Window

When 4D Server is running, it displays a server monitor page like the snapshot above. 4D Server shows the number of connected computers (client computers) and active processes along with the percentage ratio each project is taking.

Now 4D Clients should be able to connect to the server.


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