Journal is not balanced error

Sometimes when you restart the system, you may encounter an error saying "The Journal is not balanced". This can happen due to several reasons such as:

  • A record being locked while being deleted
  • A journal transactions being deleted from the Journal Registers table
  • A bug in the system that kept the record from being completely cancelled when an invoice was not saved
  • A transfer from account 1 to account 2 in which one of the accounts or lines were deleted from the journal registers table

Data Integrity Checks

Data Integrity Checks

You need to perform integrity checks on the data to see what is out of order. Select  display integrity check panel from the Integrity menu. Make sure you are signed in as the administrator

Two of the most important integrity checks for finding journal imbalance are: orphanedRegisters and unbalancedInvoiced.

  • OrphanedRegsiters: This check verifies to see if there are some registers that are not connected to any invoices. This can happen when an invoice gets deleted or gets canceled. There is also a bug in the system that can cause orphaned registers.
  • UnalancedInvoices: This check will fail when there are invoices that are missing some lines. This can happen by deleting a line from the registers table. There may be other way to get unbalanced invoices as well.  

Once you have picked the integrity checks, you need to run the data Integrity.

Wait till all records are checked.

Data integrity errors found

Data integrity errors found

If any inconsistencies are found, they will be listed. In this case, those records from the invoices table are missing a line or two. You can verify each invoice by double clikcing on ti. If you notice that the invoice is missing a line, you need to recreate the line and save it. If you cannot find the original record or transaction, then you may need to balance it using a "suspense" account. A suspense account is a temporary account. When you don't know in which account to record a transaction you can save it in the suspense account. You can discuss the suspense account with your accountant or one of Clear View Systems consultants.


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