Error: No more room to save the record!

If you ever try to save a record and get an error no more room to save a record and you are sure that the hard drive has enough space to save data, it means that your data file has become larger than 2 Gigs and 4D needs to create another one. This was a limitation of older operating systems (32 bit) which didn't allow a single file to be larger than 2 Gigabytes.



If you are running 4D Server, then go to the server program. From the 'Data' menu select 'Segments...'

By default a datefile has about 2Gigs of capacity. If you exceed this amount, you can create additional segments to be linked together to form a datafile over 2 Gigs.

Name your new segment file.

Now you can see the second line is linked to the first one.

How to turn on automatic segment creation?

How to turn on automatic segment creation?

In order to make sure that you never encounter a segment full (or data cannot be written error), you can check a box to allow automatic segment creation.

Click the "create new datasegment as needed" checkbox.

You are done!


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