Deleting Invoices

This lesson will show you how to delete specific invoices.

  • Access the 'Invoice' Module from the Modules Panel then select the invoice that you wish to delete by clicking on it.
  • Then click 'Edit'.

To delete an invoice, you need to delete the content first. An invoice is only an envelope that groups journal register transactions into one invoice.

  • Highlight the first row and then click 'Delete Row'.
  • A confirmation window will appear. Click 'OK' in order to confirm deleting the row.
  • Repeat the previous steps deleting each line in the invoice separately first.
  • Be sure to enter a note in the 'Printable Remarks' area before saving the invoice. Once you have entered the reason for deletion, click on 'Save'.

Once you save the invoice, you will be directed back to the main invoice list form.

  • At this point, you will notice that the 'From Amount' and 'To Amount' fields for this invoice are empty, but the invoice is still there.
  • If you want to really delete all traces of the invoice, you must select it again and then click 'Delete' on the invoice module.
    Note this step is optional and not recommneded.
  • Click 'Yes' to continue removing the invoice completely.
    NOTE This step is completely optional and it is actually NOT RECOMMENDED as fully deleting an invoice, will create gaps in the numbering system.


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