Audit Invoice

Audit Invoice is a submodule in Journal that is accessible only to authorized Administrator level Auditor (IKS profile). Only these AML Officers have clearence to do the auditing by reviewing and clearing or escalating transactions that were flagged "Must be Reported" by an AML rule. Note that even if the person who created an invoice has auditing authorization, they will not be able to audit the invoices they created and another authorized AML Officer will have to do the review of those transactions.

Any personnel with different level of access may have the View scope defined in their access privileges for this Module, meaning that they can see all the invoices listed under Audit Invoice. However, as we already mentioned before they would not be able to Edit.

Auditor (IKS profile) access level is assigned to AML Officers with a sole purpose to allow them complete insight into AML complience, specifically reviewing all transactions that were marked by any AML rule as "Must be Reported". Auditors with their logins can, unlike tellers, access Journal Audit submodule and view complete data for each transaction listed in this module and after reviewing all entered information, they are able to perform only one of the two actions: mark the transaction with YES or NO to clear it or escalate it.


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