Account Groups

Account Groups is an Accounting submodule under which simillar accounts are grouped together as per SBB's categorization. In this short article we'll explain the types of account groups you'll be encountering in CurrencyXchanger Accounting Module.  

In CXR, we are categorizing Accounts under several main Types:

  • Assets
  • Revenue
  • Payables
  • COGS  (Internal expenses)
  • Pre-payment
  • Losses
  • VAT
  • Cash
  • Transition (Accounts that keep record of Cash and Assets transitioning between branches and End of Year Reservations)

*Note: Most Admins will only have View scope assigned to them in this module, meaning they will be able to access, but not modify data. The settings may vary from user to user as each officer's individual privileges can be modified by granting or restricting more access.

In Account Groups you'll notice a few abberviations established by SBB that will help you understand to which business Group they refer to:

  • HaS stands for accounts on a Till level
  • HmB for accounts with Bank Suppliers
  • HmG for transactions between Branches


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