Installing the API Plugin

This section shows how to correctly install the API Plugins.

Download the API Plugin

  • Enter the URL address in your internet browser (ie; explorer, safari, firefox, chrome, etc...) to download the 'API Plugin'.
  • Click on one of the Download options ie; 'Download CurrencyXchanger Full Installer'.


Download the API Plugin
  • Click 'Save As' to save the compressed '' file.

Save to Desktop

  • Select 'Desktop' to save the file to your Desktop, then hit 'Save'.
Save to Desktop
  • Open the file by double clicking on the zipped 'API' file on your desktop.
  • Unzip the file by dragging the content out of the folder onto your desktop.

Install the API file into the correct folder.

  • Drag the the unzipped file called 'API Pack.bundle' into the 'Plugins' folder located inside the CurrencyXchanger folder.
Install the API file into the correct folder.

The Plugins folder should contain the following bundles:

  • 4D Internetcommands.bundle
  • API Pack.bundle
  • GMA_312.bundle
  • etc
  • You may now delete the '' folder by right clicking on the folder and selecting 'Delete'.


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